Saturday, 20 December 2014

Funny Animals and Fiery Fred

In between other projects I've finished another brief for the Children's Book Diploma I've been doing. This time it was all about working with watercolours, something I don't use too often so it was a fun challenge. Firstly we had to draw 3 or 4 animals doing funny things, paint them in a bright colour then use a contrasting colour to add detail or patten, I did find this a bit hard, knowing who much to let the first colour dry before adding the second but I think they work ok and I love the fox.
 The second piece was an illustration for a story called 'Fiery Fred' about a young dragon who can't control his fiery breath and has set fire to a village. Again there are bits I'm happy with like Fred and bits that on reflection I could improve, like smoke from the fire but I was happy to get an overall mark of 76% for both pieces.